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Private Party Menu

Date:       22nd Oct 2022

Time:       TBC

Price:       Prix Fix Menu from $50++ (Exclude beverages)


APPETIZERS  / SALAD  (select one)

Thai Beef Jerky 

Soy marinated dehydrated Beef

NAPA's Shrimps 

Golden Crisp Shrimp | Garlic | Cilantro | Sweet Plum Aioli Sauce

Vegetable Egg Rolls (V)

Mixed Vegetable/ Mung Bean Noodle/ Sweet Plum Sauce

Fried Brussels Sprout (V)

Golden Crisp Brussels Sprout | Crispy Shallot | Sweet & Sour Chili Glazed

Tangerine Mixed Greens (GF)(V) 

Organic Spring Mix | Cherry Tomato | Tangerine Orange | Roasted Almonds Slide | Carrot | Ginger Vinaigrette Dressing

Tom Kha Chicken 

Coconut Broth/ Lemongrass/ Galangal/ Kaffir lime

ENTREE (select one)

Duck Tamarind (GF)

Roasted Crispy Duck | Seasonal Vegetables | Tamarind-Chili Reduction Sauce

Roasted Duck Curry 

Roasted Duck Breast | Red curry paste in coconut broth | Basil | Cherry Tomato | Pineapple | Japanese eggplant | Anaheim pepper.

Black Pepper Fillet Mignon 

Wok Stir-Fry Beef Filet Mignon Tips/ Onion/ Pepper/ Garlic/ Soy Sauce


Scallops Risotto (GF) 

Pan seared U-10 day-boat scallops | Risotto rice | Coconut broth | Lemongrass | Celery | Yellow Onion | Galangal | Crispy basil | Parmigiano Reggiano

Barramundi Tamarind Chili Sauce

Pan Seared Barramundi | Tamarind-chili reduction glaze | Seasonal vegetables | Crispy parsnip


Chocolate Brownie

NAPA's Burnt Cheesecake 

Coconut Ice Cream (GF) 

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